Friday, January 13, 2012

Felix kitties need your help

The weather is changeable this winter and it affects all of my kitties, especially the oldest and the youngest. Almost all new kitties that arrived this year and are not fully adapted to the life in the shelter are already under treatment, they have a fever and eye discharge and most of them are sneezing.

It’s rather warm now, at least for this time of the year, but we had bad snow a couple of weeks ago, as you may see on the photos. I fear for my chronically ill kitties, they’re always in crisis during the winter. Although a contagious respiratory infection is not a serious health threat for most cats, for the elderly or those who have a chronic health problem it can result in serious complications.

My kitties are in continuous need of your support. Vet bills are mounting, and lots of medicines have to be bought for treatment at home. Right now, six of my cats are being given injections and the vet is coming every day. It’s extremely hard to defray costs of maintaining or restoring health of dozens of senior cats, 15 chronic patients and five delicate kittens under the age of six months. Again, I’m forced to ask for your help as we depend on your generosity.

My kitties and I thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts!

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