Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marsred's blue eyes sparkle again

My blue-eyed beauty, Marsred, was found in front of some pharmacy a couple of years ago. She was thin, pregnant and desperately hungry, approaching everybody she saw in the hope of getting some food. I picked her up and took her with me. She found a refuge in my garage.

Marsred was lovable and trustful from the beginning, she simply loved people. She must’ve been shooed away a billion times while she lived on the street but somehow she continued to believe that every person she met was well intentioned. That’s exactly why she was deemed perfectly adoptable. Last year, after we all moved to the shelter, I gave her up for adoption. It was a regrettable decision. A big mistake.

Everything sounded nice but I had my doubts. Ten days later I found out that my fear was justified. A person who took Marsred and three other cats of mine didn’t plan to keep them as pets but to sell them! Marsred was supposed to be sold as a Turkish Van cat.

It took all the strength and persistence I had to get them back, one by one. Marsred was the third one to arrive. When I saw her, I could’ve cried of anger and helplessness. She was horribly thin and terrified of everything, completely distrustful and endlessly unhappy. When I touched her, she literally froze up. She turned into someone I didn’t recognize and I can only imagine what she’s been through.

Her long and slow recovery began as soon as she arrived back home. She put on a lot of weight since and is learning to trust people again. Her confidence was destroyed and now she is building it back. Marsred might never be as trustful as she used to be, but she starts resembling her old self. I haven’t heard her purr for months, but I think she licked my fingers the last time I touched her…


Angela P. said...

Marsred is adorable, nice story.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for you both......I hope she can learn to be happy again.