Friday, January 27, 2012

My lovely wanderer

Frca was such a cutie when she was a kitten, everybody liked her but no one wanted to adopt her. She appeared in front of my garage one day, tiny, talkative, lively and beautiful. Although she was safe inside, with her best friends Negro and Tigi, she couldn’t stay in one place but instead she used to wander around the neighborhood.

Life on the street was always dangerous, especially for a trustful kitty. A couple of months later, Frca went out and came back with a terrible eye injury. Her eye and lacerated eyelids were bleeding heavily and she was in pain, as those kind of injuries are extremely painful. She couldn’t even close that eye, it remained wide open so I rushed her to the vet immediately. Obviously, somebody tried to pull her eye out. Three surgeries were performed until she regained normal vision, even though that eye remained slightly bigger than the other one and the scar can still be seen.

When she was about a year old, she went missing for six weeks and worried me sick. She was nowhere to be found, nevertheless I didn’t give up hope and kept looking for her. Eventually, Frca appeared while I was trying to trap another injured kitten, I guess she recognized me from a far away. Skinny and dirty, she ran towards me yowling loudly and got into my bike basket. I took her into my apartment and she stayed there until we all moved to the shelter. No more roaming!

Moving to the shelter was a blessing for Frca, she seems content and loves this place as if she were born here. She has enough space to do what she needs to do and can enjoy solitude whenever she wants. Whereas she tolerates other cats, she is quite independent and likes to be on her own, she is a loner by nature. And she is safe, finally. Her trust in people will never be betrayed again.


Angela P. said...

Thank you for saving her! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story and a beautiful cat!

Anonymous said...

Bless you for your work with these beautiful animals. You raise awareness of kindness to these gentle creatures and are an inspiration to others.