Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you recognize this fellow?

Last autumn, when a friend of mine called me and told me a tragic story about a mother cat and her kittens that were living on the street struggling to survive, I didn’t think twice. By the time I arrived to pick them up, there were only two kittens left by their mother’s side. The rest of the litter had been killed by dogs before I had the chance to save them. Needless to say I took the surviving ones with me. I mean, there’s always room for another cat – or another three cats, especially if they’re in imminent danger.

And so that little family ended up in my shelter. Mother cat was trustful and cuddly from the beginning and her ginger son was as affectionate as she was. I was told that his sibling was a girl but that girl turned out to be a boy. Anyway, both of them were growing up rather quickly. Even as a skinny kitten, Jaki had those huge paws with long fingers and was apparently bound to turn out big. He has always loved people and was lovable and sweet. And he was getting bigger and bigger every day.

Jaki is about nine months old and still growing. He’ll surely be huge and magnificent as he’s already very big and strong for his age. Notwithstanding, he often acts like a little kitten. His cuteness has not been lost and his charm is increasing. All in all, there’s more of him to love.

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Angela P. said...

What a fighter and little sweetheart.