Saturday, March 24, 2012

A true survivor

To say that the first few months of Repic Lepic’s life were difficult is a vast understatement. He endured a horrific ordeal, was forced to live through a nightmare and survived to eventually find someone who cares. And he is finally happy and safe.

Repic is about four years old. While he was living on the street somebody tried to pull his eye out so he underwent eye surgery. His eye has been saved, but the vision in his right eye is gone forever. A few months later, some male cats raped him and he returned home all bruised and bitten. I took him to my apartment and he lived there until we all moved to the shelter.

Although cute and cuddly, Repic is distrustful of new people and I can’t blame him for being shy. He doesn’t like to be held or picked up, yet he approaches me and lets me pet him. He usually likes to sit right next to me.

Repic is blind in one eye, but his green gaze from the other is enthralling and his sweet face is enchanting. He is a beautiful and charming little guy, virtually adopted by Kim from Canada, who is already sponsoring Kmeca. I guess it proves he’s irresistible…


Kim from Canada said...

Thanks so much Danica for Repic's story and the great photos! I'm so glad he has you!!

Angela P. said...

What a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing his story, bless him and your shelter, also.