Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Urgent help needed!

All of you remember this last dreadful winter, when Europe, including Serbia was caught in the grip of uncommon deep freeze. My shelter had been cut off by heavy snow for days. By some miracle, the roof and the wire mesh were able to sustain the maximum snow load but haven’t got through the winter unscathed. They’re severely ravaged by an extraordinary amount of ice and snow they were never meant to endure.

We definitely cannot get through another winter like this. Workers are supposed to start repairing a roof and making a concrete backyard this month. The existing concrete surfaces which are cracked and worn out must be removed and replaced. When it rains, water collects and pools in my backyard so extra drainage needs to be added. I am worried sick because of the expanses as these repairs will cost a fortune yet they’re necessary. It all needs to be done, and done now. And again I’m forced to ask for your help, as I cannot do this alone.

As all of you know, my shelter depends on donations entirely. I’m very much aware that most of the people are strapped for money these days, notwithstanding your help is desperately needed. My kitties and I are boundlessly grateful to all of you who support us through these hard times. You truly reinforce the belief that together we can make a difference!


Angela P. said...

Much luck to you and the kitties.

Mica said...

Know how you feel Danica! I have 9 cats here in England and find it hard work especially feding times not to mention the number you have to cope with. Will be donating for the shelter via paypal. Love and best wishes. Mica.