Saturday, August 18, 2007

More food, and more fleas

I have not posted anything for a week.

In the meantime,  apart from the flea invasion, the news from the shelter are not bad! It is hard to believe, really: it is usually that someone is very sick, or there is an accident (actually those are not accidents, but violence), or that there is a new kitten or two who need urgent care...Nothing of the sort. Except that Danica is exhausted beyond belief from having to bathe all the cats!!! I am posting the photos of the kitties bathed - wet and extra cranky. But, as I said once before, although they hate it, they never, ever hurt Danica.

The weather has been horrendous in Europe for the last two months: extremely hot and humid. It took toll on Danica's health, and she feels very weak, has constant headaches and palpitations... But, her spirits are pretty much up, and I think primarily because there were donations. Also, Viktor went yet again to Hungary (third time in a row), and , although the money that Iva brought to her from her donors is spent - she will order more food from Viktor, for it is so cheap. If there is another donation , that would be fantastic, but if there is not... well, she needs to stock up on this good, but so much cheaper kitty food, while she can. She simply must, because, maybe Viktor will not go again to Hungary before winter.

Update on Marponi and Okac - they are both on some kitty antibiotics again - Marponi for his mouth and Okac for his little eye that does not heal. Things got little worse, so she had to take them to the vet (Okac also got some unusual diarrhea, and was vomiting too often). Marponi is an old guy, but Okac is only about year and a half...Poor guy had a really hard time with his health since she found him as a kitten with wounded eye on the street.

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