Saturday, August 11, 2007

People - you do not know Tufnica; she is not well behaved kitty, and since she was a teeny, tiny kitten, she would scream until Danica picks her up, wanted to be held always, very finicky eater (you do not want to be that over there), bothering other little girl, Futka, who is the same age, and is supposed to be her best friend...And the litter box, of course.. If the litter is not clean in the boxes, she either makes a hole in the brand new bag, or ... You can imagine: on the floor, in the tub (best case scenario), and similar...She was very, very sick when found, and Danica treated her as a baby child, but by now this little Missy is as healthy as an ox, and rude. As simple as that. Spoiled rotten.

Other cats , who are in the shelter (basement, and the garage, while Tufnica is currently in the apartment) simply go outside, and there were no problems with that so far. Cats are naturally very clean animals, and really, Danica says, that makes no problem. As you may know, Danica cannot afford tons of clean litter, so she uses construction send (she would go occasionally where the construction sites are and bring send), and she recycles it , which translated into the common language means, she works like a dog on a daily basis to keep it as clean as possible.

Here are more of the latest pictures, mostly of the food, and some of the tenants (you will know Tufnica immediately, because, she is still inspecting the bags); the one on the shelf FULL of kitty medicine is Okac, the one who had three eye surgeries so far, but his eye is still not good. Danica says she does not want to put him through the 4th surgery.

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