Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Trip to Novi Sad is Approaching

So, these days Danica thinks only about Iva's arrival. All together, Iva will take to Danica $500. It is a lot of money, and Danica is extremely happy, for there is a lot of bills to be paid: vet for Danko's eye surgery, medicine for Marponi, and food. Actually a lot of food, because in the meantime Viktor did go to Hungary and he brought bags and bags of food! Cat food is so much cheaper in Hungary then Serbia , and Danica can rest at least a little bit for now!

She also asked me in her last e mail whether it is O.K. with all donors to buy some fresh litter, because it has become such a horrible chore to clean the overused sand she puts down for the kitties. Of course, whatever helps – but Danica feels for some reason that in her situation, where every bite , every can of food is so important and valuable, and also medicine, spending money on litter is waste! No! She must ease the horrible burden on her back in every possible way.

Iva will make many photos while visiting Danica, so I cannot wait to post them.
Danica also asked me to thank every donor, and also every person who offered support,and comforting words to her.

Yes, thank you so much! Ann,Karen, Frank and George – every one of you. You can not imagine what a good deed you have done!

As to the cats, here is update: little Danko is definitely staying with Snezana – what fantastic news! Other cats are more-less O.K., except old, good Marponi, whose mouth is, Danica says, getting worse. She is stuck with him, who is really sick, this costing money, but, she is not considering putting him to sleep.

I am enclosing some recent pictures of the little shelter's tenants. Marponi, as you will see it, is currently staying in her apartment, because he is ill – as every old , experienced old cat, he picked a good spot for summer's heat: under the AC!


Anonymous said...

Marponi looks very much like my own cat Otis, a 14 year old shelter cat himself. I hope Marponi is not in any serious pain. At the risk of bringing up a sad subject, I don't know how old Marponi is, or how sick he is, but it is important to remember that no matter how much we might love a cat, and no matter how much it might hurt, sometimes the right decision is to let the cat go. I have been there, with both of my hands petting four of my own cats (they don't let you hold them) as they were euthanized, and while it gave my conscience comfort to be able to be there in the end for them, those were easily the four hardest days of my life so far. If I could have kept them alive for another 20 years I would have done it, but it would have been selfish. I know Danica will make the best decision for Marponi.

I can't wait to build some support for Danica and what she is doing. This has a chance to make a real difference for a lot of cats.


Anonymous said...

Please, I do not want anyone to think that I am suggesting for one second that Danica is being selfish with regard to Marponi. Please. Obviously, no one could ever accuse Danica of being selfish about anything, she's quite the antithesis of selfish.

It's just that if Marponi is in pain, not eating, not enjoying the sunshine and wasting away, then it becomes a quality-of-life issue, and the animal deserves to pass with some dignity. Like I said, I do not know the extent of Marponi's illness, and I wish him all the best, of course.