Friday, August 3, 2007

Some cat food has arrived!

I am doing this short post today, with a lot of pictures - just to show the food that Danica's friend Viktor - who finally went to Hungary, brought to Danica and her cats. A lot of good food! Then Danica bought a lot of fish at the local fish market (the small, cheap fish, ) that she will cook for them, and then refrigerate for later. All this - in anticipation of the donors and my money that Iva is bringing. Danica basically borowed money , because she knows she will be able to pay back relatively easy this time. What a relief!
Iva flies out tomorrow, and will probably visit Danica on Wednesday.

Danica was busy buying and sorting out the food (there is more then what is on the pictures, but she already sorted some out). Just the thought of something nice that will happen to her made her feel better.

Marponi - for Frank and those who are little worried with his health - is not in pain; also, he eats, except that he would eat only beef that Danica will cook for him separately. She is hoping, as long as he can eat, and curl up on Danica's lap, purring, he is O.K. She would never , ever allow animal to suffer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! my name Erin and I` m 14 years old and I love cats so mach I want halp them but I don` t now how I cant have them ant home my mom have alergy.Thank you