Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just a little update

We are sending a package of kitty medicine and some food to Danica urgently, primarily because she claims that Alla died because of the useless de-worming medicine. Probably so. So, we are sending some serious de-worming medicine, and some flea medicine, because, every shelter inhabitant has fleas again! Danica had to give them flea bath, regardless of how good that bath is, saying the situation is such that she can not even wait for the new flea medicine. She then made me laugh saying that she thinks she needs a flea bath too!

I am posting some new pictures of old tenants, until Danica sends newer ones (after bathing them). She sounded as if she is finally doing fine, after being so upset with little Alla's death.

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Anonymous said...

package is on its way, lots of vitamins, flea-medicine, worm medicine, some catnip toys.

Little Alla's passing will not be in vain.