Saturday, October 13, 2007

Let us pray for little Alla

Alla the young kitten - is very sick. Danica has taken her to the vet, who said that the worms basically ate her tummy... Danica almost fainted, because , she did deworm Alla. It turns out that the deworming medicine she has does not work: it is either expired, or simply very, very low quality (maybe it is from China). God knows. We urgently need to send some serious U.S. medicine (vitamin paste called Felovite, deworming medicine, and anything else).

Alla is scheduled to receive fluid tonight in the vet office, but Danica says it will be the third one, and there is no much progress. Alla could not keep anything in her tummy.

Some other kitties are sick too, but not as bad. Icuka (curled up with the other cat), is having heart problems, and is coughing . However, she is kind of a senior citizen . And Okac - the one whose eye was operated on two times - is getting worse again, his eye, that is.

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