Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Waiting for the U.S. package to come

There is not much to report - except that Danica is looking forward to the package of medicine and vitamins that Frank had sent. She is extremely excited, and so , so happy!
In the meantime Viktor called one day just to say he is leaving next day to Hungary - so, she could not do anything else but order cheap food from him, a lots of it.
The only other news is that Marponi - the senior citizen with the mouth problem -is little worse off, and Danica is taking him for some new therapy. Well, as long as he lives, she will heal him, there is no other way for Danica.

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Anonymous said...

package was sent on Saturday 27 October via US Postal Service Priority Airmail, estimated time in transit 7 to 10 days, so I am hoping it will arrive either this weekend or early next week.

There was some great stuff from Danica, flea and worm medicine, treats, etc, and I included a bunch of tubes of Felovite™ and catnip toys, so I hope it arrives shortly and helps as many of those little angels as possible.