Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Blade Runner City

There is a lot of snow in Novi Sad – that area of former Yugoslavia suffers from long, extremely windy winters, with frost, and bone chilling sound of blizzards. This is the time , however, Danica discovered a new little colony of the strays not far away from her home, and because of the freeze and everything that goes with it, she started feeding them, and now they wait for her, every icy evening, to come and give them something to eat...

Among those is one very gentle, sweet female that Danica suspects is pregnant, so she managed to capture her (it was not hard, because this cat , it looked, wanted to be taken).
Danica has made an appointment to have her fixed. It will cost her extra money, so every donation is welcome.

Other then that, Gingerello is still the sweetest boy among the kitties, and wants to be the boss of all! But the winter is hard.
Look at the pictures – some of them look like the city from the Blade Runner (or something like that) – creepy.

The only happy pictures are those of cute, yellow Gingerello.

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Anonymous said...

fear not, there will be a nice check on the way very shortly. I know I have been promising this for weeks, but with my moving to a new home, and being very busy at work, I am only now able to catch up. Hang in there Danica and cats, help is on the way.