Saturday, January 26, 2008

The new one did not like Tabadzija

So, the new young female tabby that Danica had spayed, got scared by Tabadzija the other day, and hid for couple of days.

(Remember Tabadzija: the one that ran away from home one day, and was missing for a long time, but, since Danica found him and brought him back to the shelter, never goes far away again).

Finally, Danica found her where she had originally found her: in that little stray colony, not far away. She saw her there with two what seemed younger cats, that Danica thinks are her kids. But, when Danica started going back towards the shelter after feeding the colony, the spayed cat followed her towards the shelter, as if to tell Danica; I know where it is, and I will come back from time to time; it is just that I do not like that big Tom very much. He makes me nervous!

Danica was just happy to have found her safe and sound.

Other then that, nothing much to report, except that Danica has been pretty sick for almost two weeks now. She desperately needs a vacation, and serious rest – which she can not get.

The other photos show: Gingerello in a bag (that is where he hides, and it gave Danica couple of times a big dread that he is gone, until she discovered his hiding spot); one of the kitties that I do not know the name of, in a cardboard box, of course; Icuka, drinking from the sink, and Futka, which was found as a miserable kitten, now being a beauty, and with her tail in the water dish.

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