Sunday, January 20, 2008

New photos and a story about a Xmas tree

I know that Karen also asked about Tufnica the other day - well, Tufnica definitely is not a tiny kitten any more, she is very obnoxious, and has become a big girl too. You will see her sitting side by side with Okac.

There is also a very cute picture of Gingerello playing with Okac, and Danica says that Gingerello learned all the dirty tricks and bad behaviour from older cats, but then made it even more perfect, with his own little twist.

Vet says she wants to start some special natural/herbal therapy on Okac, before they decide (if they really have to), on the new surgery.

It is still very cold and so windy. We in those regions (West Balkans) have an expression that says The wind is shaving...Which means the cold is so sharp, that it can shave off beard from man's face...

Danica caught cold, because she saw a Xmas tree which somebody threw away, helplessly laying on the ground. But it was a beautiful , young tree that she simply can not let go to waste, so she dragged it to her building yard and planted it!!! In this weather. She is one of those souls that can not stand a living thing to be left to die.

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Anonymous said...

I have said it before, at least a couple of times, no hyperbole or exaggeration, I honestly believe that Danica is a saint. No joke. A modern day saint.

"A candle throws its light into the darkness, in a nasty world so shines the good deed; make sure the fortune that you seek is the fortune that you need"... Ben Harper