Monday, January 14, 2008

New pictures of old tenants...

For Karen and all our old, good friends, here are few pictures of Marponi , who is still very sick, but, thanks to Danica, still alive. Loves to sleep on the warm DVD player - and not to be disturbed.

Also, few pics of Okac, whose eye is simply not healing; the vet said he might need another surgery, and if that is necessary Danica will do it.

No new picture of Karen's favorite: bad girl called Tufnica. I asked Danica to send me a couple of latest of her, and I will post them as soon as they come.

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Karen said...

Thanks for the pix! The last one made me laugh because I have a similar photo of my little Alex, who likes to sleep on the cable box to stay warm.

I do love little Tufnica, because despite everything she has been through, she still has spirit! I guess it makes me feel more hopeful that all Danica's kitties can someday enjoy what we in the US would consider "normal" lives...

Even if I don't always write, I am checking this site and thinking of you all every day. Am still paying off my December eye surgery, but as soon as I do I will be sending more donations as often as I can.

Oh, I also meant to ask about Bully. Is he still sticking very close to home, or has he begun to explore a bit more?