Friday, May 9, 2008

Zule had a dental appointment...

Zule, on of the Danica's oldest cats (she has had them for many years, and he was so sick that several vets advised her to put him to sleep - but she refused, and kept on fighting for him), urgently needed a dental work. He was at the vet this week, and was worked on under the anaesthesia. He will need special food, though.

The pictures are during, and after the dental operation.

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Anonymous said...

I want to say hello to my friends w/Novi Sad cats and apologize for being incommunicado for so long. I feel very bad that I have not been able to afford to send any sort of contribution in a long time, and I am hoping this will change soon.

Karen, I hope your cat is OK, Otis here is just plugging away. He has his same routine, he just does it way slower than he used to. His appetite is good, so as long as he is interested in eating and grooming, which he is, I'll be keeping the little fellow around!