Monday, May 5, 2008

Zlatan finally caught!

Danica finally, after many, many trials, managed to catch Zlatan, young yellow stripy male, with several bad wounds. He was taken to the vet this morning, and I still do not have update on how serious his wounds might be...
The other picture show: Lizan and Crnac, freshly bathed, on top of each other, drying; Lizan in a towel; Plavkan , cleaning his paw, and another black cat, in the cage; and Pukilence, newly spayed female, in her cage.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, Karen, I hope your cat is doing well.

Otis is doing pretty well, just very much slowed down and a bit unsteady on his feet sometimes. He gets an insulin shot every day, and I am hoping that his blood sugar #'s will level off.