Friday, May 9, 2008

Zlatan after the surgery, and some other shelter tenants

Here are the photos of Zlatan, after his strange wounds have been cleaned, disinfected, and sown by the vet. Danica had him neutered at the time as well. He really took the anaesthesia very hard, and was vomiting a lot after, but now he seems to be getting better.

There is also Plavkan in the cage (Russian blue), whose leg is not good, but the vet said it might be some old fracture that simply healed wrong...However, Danica says he was not limping until recently. Mystery...

There is also Poppy , the beauty with the rimmed eyes, just resting on the top bed, Chris, the newly found weak kitten that is now eating well and recovering (white with blue eyes),

Arlekinka, the female that obviously days ago got herself into something greasy and Danica has tried everything to clean her fur, but it is still greasy; Kajac, also fixed not long ago, posing on the ladder; then, Pukilence , recently fixed female who still refuses to leave her cage, and, believe it or not, Gingerello with newly arrived supplies of food. Yes, it is Gingerello, so grown, big, strong - not a tiny yellow kitten any more!

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