Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New allergic kity

First - good news: Danica has gotten a very good donation from her friend Diane. Thank you Diane, very, very much from Danica and the cats.

Secondly, part of that money went directly to the vet, because there were many fixings in the last two months, and Zule's teeth cleaning under the full anesthesia + Zlatan's, wounds...

And then, there is new white kitten, Chris (the one found on Easter day), who turned out to be beautiful, and very, very gentle - but, alas, very weak and allergic to almost everything! The only foof he is not allergic to, Danica says, is Royal Canine (some cat!).

I am sending my regular donation by the end of next week. Let's see how much Danica can cover.

Danica, in the meantime, is very upset and sad because a cat called Zveka Bleka disappeared. She was looking for him everywhere - in vain. As you know, she has very hard time every time a kitty dies or disappears. Danica says for her it is even worse if it disappears and she never finds it (dead or alive), because then she is haunted by a possible long and painful death that cat might have endured.

She adds that Zveka was very much afraid of people. Poor kitty.

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