Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New sick kitty

This poor baby has somehow dragged herself close to the shelter. Danica took it immediately to the vet and the diagnosis is that she was severely bitten by a dog or dogs, and her hip is broken.

Danica is taking care of her, until her wounds are healed and she is better so that her hip can be looked it. She is very, very sweet, Danica says. Danica is also giving her a lot of attention, petting her and ,as you can see, gave her great, warm bath! The little one did not protest.

Danica's bathing of her cats is a mistery. They never bite her, scream at her, scratch her, not even new ones.

This will cost much money (unplanned), so please, whoever wanted to donate, now is the time.

Thank you all in advance and for everything you all have been doing so far! Words can not describe Danica's gratitude to you all.

P.S. No news on Plavkan, and those people claim he just escaped. There is no way Danica can prove different.

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Everycat said...

This is one very lucky little cat, she's beautiful, and so is Danica for all the work she does for these poor cats.