Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Nada was put down this morning. She was so sick that the vet said to Danica it was the only humane thing. There was no way they could save her, and it turned out, apart from her broken hip, she had some serious internal injuries. She started vomiting blood this morning, and her body temperature was rapidly falling.

Here is the last video made at the vet.

God bless her little kitty soul.


Anonymous said...

This is such sad news, but it's at least some comfort to know that she died in an atmosphere of caring and love, rather than out in the cold, in pain and alone. How hard it must be for Danica to face this type of thing day after day, but we can only hope that she continues to have the strength to do it.

All my best,


Midori said...

I'm sad for little Nada and Danica. Poor little sweet Nada. Thank you Danica for taking her in and caring for her.


Midori and kitties

Anonymous said...

God bless her little kitty soul.
My little Nada ...

Glennis said...

Putting a sick in pain kitty cat to sleep in the last kind loving thing we can do for beloved pets. Don't be sad, you did the very best for your little cat.

button bistro said...

I’m sure little Nada is smiling at us over the rainbow bridge.