Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am posting three video clips: one is of Milance at the vet yesterday , very hard to watch, not because anybody is cruel to the little one (on the contrary), but because it shows how bad his leg is, how much it hurts, and how hard it is to take care of him. Danica, vet and two assistants were holding him during examination, but since he already had two surgeries, and is up for a third one, they are trying to avoid giving him additional anaesthesia, for it is not good for him at all. His weight and size is also small, so that is one extra reason for them to avoid anaesthesia whenever they can.

The other video is basically of his beautiful, huge, golden eyes, looking full of fear from his little box, and his blankie with some blood spots. If we all did not know how much he is loved and taken care of, it would look very sad. But, luckily, he has Danica.

The last one is of Danica's old cat, Laza, black beauty, who was cleaning himself so vigorously that he fell off the table. Funny and cute! To cheer you all up.

Again, thank you so much for your donations!

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AirIntake said...

I had to donate $50 after seeing this. Poor thing. Once healed some rubber stumps should be looked into to prevent this from happening again.