Friday, April 24, 2009

Milance will have surgery only after May 1 holidays in Serbia. The vets said he is so exhausted with the shots, treatment and plain trip to the vet he hates so much, that he needs to rest properly. Danica says he starts growling when they are approaching the street in which the vet is!

Also, it has to be after the May holidays, because if there are any complications , there had to be 24 hour access to a vet clinic for the little one.

What are they going to do? Nobody really knows right now, but Danica is hoping that it will be improvement. Either some kind of tiny prosthesis, or little gloves for leggies, she does not know.

The rest of the pictures are cute to look at, especially with the two tenants napping together on a chair. Then one awoke, and is dazed and confused, looking at his nap pal still in the same position.

Well, at least I think it is funny.

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