Sunday, April 12, 2009

Problems with Milance's stump

One of Milance's leggies is getting worse, and Danica needs to take him urgently to the vet (tomorrow).
He does not seem in pain, Danica says, but it can definitely gets worse, so after all, although she was hoping for different end, Milance will have to have yet another surgery!

Please, if you can donate, do so, since it will cost a lot of money.


Midori said...

Oh no! I am so sad to hear the news about poor dear little Milance. I will hope his leg will heal quickly.


Midori and kitties

Suzie said...

Would it maybe help if he had a little cart? I have seen it with dogs, but not necessarily cats, but basically they are given a little cart with wheels that acts like a wheel chair for their back legs and supports their little bodies. I assume part of the problem may be his stumps are constantly dragging or bearing weight.
Here is a link to a site that sells/makes the carts:
I would be happy to chip in for one for little Milance.

Suzia said...

Also if you go to this link you will see a picture of a kitty in one of their carts, very well developed so that the kitty could lay down: