Thursday, October 6, 2011

My cats and me

Here are some photos of my cats, all of them ex-strays, that are now living in my shelter. Felinologic association Felix was founded in Novi Sad, by my associates and me, a couple of years ago. The foundation of shelter took place last year, all the work is not done yet but my cats are finally safe. This shelter depends on donations entirely and now when the winter is approaching I begin to wonder how we’ll manage until spring. There are almost 100 cats in my shelter and I love them equally, though some of them are old, sick or unapproachable still. I hope that all of you enjoy their photos. If you want me to send you any information or more photos of each of my cats, please contact me at You can also take a look at my FB group Milance Cat Rescue Shelter Felix. Thanks for supporting my cats all those years. I’ll keep you informed! Yours sincerely, Danica


Midori said...

Dear Danica,

What a surprise and treat to see beautiful pictures of you and your cats!

Many blessings on you for loving and caring for the kitties!

Angela P. said...

Thank you and bless you for loving and taking care of these needy cats. they and you are all so beautiful~ :-)