Friday, November 18, 2011

Four lucky kitties

Tortoiseshell cats, just like calico cats, are believed to be bearers of good luck. Many cultures have torties in high regard. To me my torties are beautiful creatures that make me smile and bring me joy, affection and love.

Muppet Show was the first of my lucky charms. I picked her up from the street when she was just a tiny kitten, shy, fearful and distrustful. She lived in my garage for months and seemed to relax somewhat. After the spay surgery she didn’t feel well and her recovery was long and difficult. Her stomach remained swollen for quite some time and the vet told me she may have some congenital disorder that can’t be treated. Notwithstanding, she hasn’t shown any signs of illness for years now, she behaves like any other cat and I hope she’ll stay that way.

I found Maja and Masha last winter, or to be honest they found me – both of them approached me on the street in a lapse of several days and literally begged me to take them, running after me, meowing and yowling… I don’t think that they knew each other, they just lived in the same neighborhood. On the grounds that I have never been able to turn my back on a cat in desperate situation (it was freezing outside) I took both of them home. And here they are, sweet and lovable from the very beginning.

Mara is one of Etela’s cats and she was the last one to arrive. She recovered rather quickly from everything she had to endure in Etela’s burnt shelter. She was lucky, and now she is happy too. Undoubtedly, all of my torties are.

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Angela P. said...

How fantastic! Torti cats are soooo pretty and have a loving disposition typically. Thanks for sharing your story~