Friday, November 11, 2011

From sadness to happiness

Speki is one of the cats rescued from a shelter near Backa Topola that burnt to the ground. Before I went there and took 18 kitties to my shelter (and one more a week later) three of Etela’s cats had already been picked up and sent to some wild “shelter” near Belgrade. Speki was among them.

They have all been brought to me in June, after spending three months in that place. Although he doesn’t look so skinny in pictures Speki was emaciated, bony and terrifyingly thin, full of worms and fleas, he even had mange and some fungal disease. While he was there, he had been castrated at the Center for stray animals but the wound got infected so he had to have a surgery again. When he arrived here, a week of medical treatment was necessary before any intervention. It was really heartbreaking watching him looking so miserable.

It took quite a long time for him to recover but he did, eventually. He still has blurred vision in his right eye (probably due to an old injury) and swollen lymph nodes as well. Thorough examination will be needed to discover the nature of his problems. During the past few months he gained a lot of weight and now seems to enjoy life at my shelter. After all he has been through, Speki became a happy kitty, nice looking, amicable and lovable.


mikken said...

He has put on weight! Well done!

Poor guy went from tragedy to tragedy until you got him. So good to see that he's finally happy!

Angela P. said...

Speki looks so good and big now! Thank you for giving him the care that he so deserved and needed after everything he had endured. Bless you!!!

Ann said...

God bless you a great woman!!!