Friday, November 4, 2011

Two silver kitties

Mastika and Silvestra are two beautiful kitties, very much alike, each one of them with a sad life story.

Mastika was found with the most terrible mastitis, after losing her kittens which had presumably been killed. She wasn’t more than a year old. After two weeks of treatment, she was spayed and found a refuge in my garage. She didn’t want to come out for six months, scared to death of unknown people and street life. Luckily, we all moved to the shelter and she can finally enjoy the sun and a nice, playful and comfortable life, completely free of fear.

Silvestra was rescued from a yard in my hometown after an attempt of certain people to put all cats into bags and take them away (and kill hem, presumably). She was scared and confused but recovered rather quickly. Despite her bad experience Silvestra loves people and is lovable and cuddly with everyone. She's a real sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God. So these are sad stories, but have a happy ending and this kitten with you and safe home. Danica you are divine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my English is very bad. I speak German. I hope you understand me. Angela