Monday, July 9, 2012

Light as a Feather, Yet Tough Enough

The sight of Tahki is heartbreaking. Her head is disproportionately large for her body, her ears are big, thin and almost transparent, and all of the sadness of the world is seen in her eyes. Her ribs are visible beneath her skin, her hips and shoulder blades are standing out like bird's wings. And yet she fights to get better, to grow, and become a normal, healthy adult.

This three month old tabby girl was found at the river bank. She must have been there for quite some time, as she was dehydrated and skinny to the bones. She was infested with fleas to the point of becoming seriously anemic. She also had ear mites and was constantly scratching at her ears. It was questionable whether she would even survive. She was in terrible shape.

The girl who found Tahki had been looking after her for three weeks, taking her to the vet almost every day. Her flea and ear mite problem was resolved before she arrived at her foster home, emaciated but hopefully healthy. Her road to full recovery has started.

Surrounded by other kitties, which are all friendly and accepting, Tahki’s finally gotten a lively twinkle in her eyes. She is filling out on a ground raw diet, and enjoys playing with her new friends. She still has a long road ahead, but it seems the sun has begun to shine upon her path. I’m hoping by the time she gets here, all of her troubles will be forgotten, and she will have a radiant, happy and fulfilling life.

Tahki is not an ordinary tabby, there’s nothing ordinary about her. She is a true survivor, a giant spirit within a tiny body. She truly deserves to be respected and loved.


loretta said...

Takhi, I am thinking healthy thoughts about you and want to see you continue to fight and become healthy!

Angela P said...

Stay strong, sweet Takhi, lots of people love you. Thank you for saving her.