Saturday, July 21, 2012

So Many Problems, So Little Money

Repairs at Felix shelter continue and a lot has been done so far, yet new and unexpected problems arise way too often. First it was the sewage system collapse and then the hydrophore system stopped working as well. In the middle of summer, with the temperatures hitting the roof, we’ve been left without running water in the backyard. The cats’ food and water bowls couldn’t be washed, plants couldn’t be watered and it was absolutely clear that the hydrophore problem needed to be solved as quickly as possible. The problem was, partly, that the hydrophore pump was covered in rust. It had to be completely disassembled, properly cleaned and polished. Something has yet to be done about the ventilation of the hydrophore tank hole to stop condensation from developing inside. It’s well known that many electrical accidents occur in damp conditions.

As yet, nothing has been done in regard to the sewage system; there simply is not enough money. The good news is that it will probably be possible to install pipes between the house and the septic hole on a higher level so that the tank, which is thought not to be full (the original pipes are too low) will be usable for some more time. The existing concrete slab over the tank must be broken in order to put in the new, removable one. However, this is only a temporary solution that will end up being a problem again later on. The whole system will have to be fixed next year, once and for all.

The timber frame for the eaves has been finished, we’ve yet to put in insulating quilt, sheathing board and then cover it with tiles. We might even use the old roof tiles together with the new ones, as the tile roofing needs to be overhauled. Gutters will be placed around the entire roof, with metal buckles that hold them in place.

And then back to the backyard. A concrete path between the house and the entrance gate has to be built, plus there's a problem with the entrance gate, which is undoubtedly the most used part of the fence. Since it has been in place for many years, the posts have started to deteriorate and become wobbly, so the gates aren’t closing properly. These posts evidently need to be replaced.

Please, help us as much as you can! Our project for repairing the shelter on is falling short on funds!

And while the problems are piling up, costs are rising and we’re desperately trying to find a way to cover all of the expenses. Nevertheless, the kitties are lying around like they’re in a spa, having a good and relaxing time. They don’t need to worry; somebody else is already doing it, and doing it big.

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Angela P said...

Bless you and the spa clients..the kitties! :-)