Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Are Just Born Happy

Kai is a four month old kitten who somehow found himself abandoned and all alone in an unfamiliar place. Judging by his friendly attitude and trustful behavior, he had probably been somebody’s pet, until his owners got tired of him and dumped him on the street. Possibly they realized that having a cat was too expensive and time consuming? Maybe he was scratching the furniture? Or maybe, they just didn’t love him enough.

Be that as it may, Kai appeared in a parking lot in front of a building in the middle of the night, screaming at the top of his lungs. He cried so loudly that everybody could hear him, yet obviously nobody had a desire to help him. The next morning he was still there, lonely, sad, hungry and thirsty. His wide, bright, yellow eyes were full of desperate hope that someone would come to pick him up. Someone who cares. A special someone that all abandoned pets are waiting for.

The first to come were a couple of alleged animal lovers from the neighborhood who in reality, evidently, were anything but. On a hot summer day, with hellish temperatures, all that Kai was given by those "compassionate" people was some dry dog food and not a single drop of water. Brilliant thinking!

Luckily for Kai, a friend of mine heard of him shortly afterwards and took him in without hesitation. Kai is in foster care now, he is cheerful, lively, active, outgoing and incredibly affectionate. Fast as lightning, he is turning the place upside down, but he is pure cuteness when he’s asleep. He seems to have completely forgotten what he has gone through. He loves people, loves other cats, loves dogs, he’s all love! And what matters most, he is finally happy and safe, as every cat should be.


Maine Kitties said...

Wonderful news! What a beautiful happy kitty!

Angela P said...

what a beautiful soul! Cannot believe so many people would turn away from this baby in need. Glad he is in his furever home now.