Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Name of the Dream is Klea

I’ll never know when and where Klea was born, nor how she ended up in a joint concrete backyard among buildings in a small Serbian town. There was an open garbage container in the yard, sending the smell of food to the neighborhood cats, and there was also a vicious pack of roaming dogs. The yard was entirely enclosed by buildings and walls and there was no way out from where the container was placed. Each cat which entered the yard had been chased by dogs and many of them died a violent death. Little Klea, my blue-eyed beauty, somehow managed to survive.

When I first heard of her, she had already been living in that horrible place for more than three weeks, hidden under a car. With her life at stake, she desperately needed help. There was no time to waste. She was seriously dehydrated, terribly skinny, exhausted and completely defenseless. I immediately contacted the girl who wrote a post about her and told her to pick up the kitten right away. And so the wheel of Klea’s personal fortune has been set in motion…

The next day, she arrived at her foster home. A friend of mine provided her with a good, quality food, cozy bed and a safe place to stay. She even had a bath, which she didn’t like. A few days later she was vet checked and vaccinated. She was getting ready for her new home and she was already starting to shine.

Klea is here now. She seemed a bit shy at first, yet she’s now running and playing with all the joy of a kitten. All of the other cats accepted her with no problems at all. Although she's still a little thin, she's incredibly beautiful. With her snowy white fur and glittering blue eyes, she seems to be pure innocence itself. How could anyone resist this angelic face?

Only the mischievous twinkle in her gaze reveals her true nature. She’ll never be a cuddly lap kitty, she is a free spirit, with enormous energy. She knows no boundaries and respects no rules. And she is amazing just the way she is.


Angela P said...

What a special addition to your family! Hugs.

Elfling said...

What beautiful eyes she has!