Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Danica's little hand-made shelter

I have wanted for a long time to tell a story of Danica's shelter - it is not really a shelter the way we have them here; Danica turned a garage and a part of a basement into the shelter, and she had to do EVERYTHING alone. She made the cages and shelves with a little help from a carpenter she knows; all the pillows, and little beds, and covers she made with her own hands. Homeless cats actually consider it their home, and Danica also cut out small doors at the bottom of the doors, so the cats can come and go freely. That is all fine. However, it is not a shelter in a sense that there are no donations coming, there is no staff, nobody comes, ever, to adopt kitties. Since I have known her, Danica managed to find permanent homes for only two cats: one-legged Amadeus (his Serbian name is Bogoljub , which literally means "the one who loves God"); and then for a yellow kitten who was taken in by a nice girl and her father. And that is it. No adoptions. There is no way for her to offer the cats for adoption, except by word of mouth among the neighbors she trusts.

Here are several pictures of Danica's little, brave, big hearted shelter. Again - if you would like to help by virtually adopting a kitty from her shelter, she would highly appreciate it. Just send me an e mail at

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Anonymous said...

People in USA, my name is Frank at I am going to make it my business to help drum up support for the animals of Novi Sad and Danica, their patron saint. Please contact me.