Sunday, July 15, 2007

New, badly wounded kitten

Danica has sent me an e mail this morning, with some horrifying pictures of a kitten she found last night while she was taking garbage out. I am not posting the photos, for a simple reason: they are so painful and graphic that I do not want to hurt and offend people who may come to blog, but are not ready for such things. The kitten's left eye is hanging out, and his head is all bloody; one of his front legs is also hurt, and he has mange. Danica was shocked when she saw him, but he was screaming and she took him in. She cleaned him little bit, and gave him food, and he even ate, but she could tell he was in pain. She is taking him first thing in the morning to the vet's clinic, to have him operated on (she thinks that the whole thing will be taken out, and properly cleaned, and shut together, and that the vet will put him on the antibiotics and strong sedatives). At least, she will request all that. Does she have money for it? No. She will, as most of the time, ask for delayed payment. She has been taking cats to the same vet clinic for years, so they know her, and they allow it. But, they never do it for free, ever. Which I also find little strange, because she has been going there for many years, and she always eventually pay for all the services.
Anyway, the most important thing now is that he goes in tomorrow. I will post some photos of him after the operation. His name is Danko.
Today, instead, I will post a picture of Danica on her bike, with cats in the cages, going to the vet. Most of the time she has no money for the gas.

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People in USA, my name is Frank at I am going to make it my business to help drum up support for the animals of Novi Sad and Danica, their patron saint. Please contact me.