Friday, July 20, 2007

Well over 100 degrees in Novi Sad

The heat has been unbearable there. it is over 40 degrees Celsius, and most of the cats have gotten fleas, which is a huge problem for her. She must administer anti-flea medicine alone, by giving them flea baths, and it is far from easy - anyone who has ever owned a cat knows it. I have never tried to give a bath to my cat. Still Danica does it , to all of them , and , real miracle, they let her do it. They do not like it, but they do not hurt Danica.

Also, cat named Frca, that Danica has had around for few years now, disappeared for several days. Danica looked and searched everywhere, because, she was afraid that Frca might have been hurt, or run over by a car, but to no avail... Finally, this evening, she found her stuck in a basement. Frca somehow got in, and then could not get out. Danica says she was very dehydrated and scared. Safe now, though.

No other big news in the shelter these days. Food is really scarce, and she is increasingly worried where to get it, and how to pay for it. I have several donations promised, and a friend who is going to Serbia on the 6th of August, will take cash to Danica. For once, I can avoid Western Union fees. I want to thank once again the people that promised their help, and let them know how it is really big psychological support for Danica, in addition to the fact that it makes her life easier.

Marponi is, more or less, the same, and will eat only beef. Extra burden to Danica's wallet. But, he is the oldest, she jokes, and deserves some fine food in his last days. Others eat whatever she gives them - mostly boiled fish. Canned food and bagged crunchies are too expensive at the moment, because the man that used to go to Hungary and bring much cheaper cat food, is still not going. She cannot afford cat food in Novi Sad.

Danko is still at her friend's house, because, he still gets shots, and the vet is two blocks away. It would be, otherwise, 20 kilometres for Danica, every day, on her bike. Impossible in that heat. Danica's regular vet clinic is much closer to her home, but this vet is eye specialist. Danica says that Danko is really getting better. The surgery wound is healing well. She also says he is really, really cute and sweet little boy, very cuddly. She is, though, afraid to think what she will do with him after the therapy is over. They both are trying to find him a permanent home.

In the meantime, I could not get out of my mind a story I read yesterday at the Drudge report, on a kitten being set ablaze by two teenage girls. Some real sick, evil people, I guess, exist everywhere. For me, their age makes no difference, and I have no understanding just because they are teenagers, or have bad family situation. I find it horrible and repulsive anyway.


cathy gough said...

How do I help Danica and the cats? Please let me know.

Anonymous said..., I am Frank at, let's pool our efforts here, depending upon where you are geographically, and help Danica. Please.