Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little lighter tonight...

I feel so guilty for not writing for few days - I was so awfully busy at work! I come home dead tired, and although I know I should do a post, I cannot.

I have some good news on little one-eyed Danko: Danica's friend, who lives two blocks from the vet-eye specialist, and with whom Danica had to leave Danko after the surgery , because Danko had to get shots, and it is so close - well, that wonderful Snezana is taking Danko! Danica is extremely happy, because she was very much worried about what to do with the little one after the therapy is over...Obviously, it did not take much for Snezana to realize that Danica has too many needy cats... God bless Snezana!

Tonight I would like to present a cat named Treca Sreca - since this name/term is not easily translatable, let call her T.S. Well, that T.S. is a real beauty, and Danica found her a year ago on the street as a tiny, screaming kitten (what else). T.S. has since grown into a real beauty, and is one of the nicest cats Danica takes care of (behavior wise). Of course, all the cats have their very, very different, distinguished personalities, and T.S. is very sweet, very calm, and dear cat. Especially if you compare it with , let's say, Tufnica, the little one who recently got spayed... Danica says that little girl is the most spoiled cat, very obnoxious, and goes to the bathroom by literally getting into the bag with unused litter! Danica says, since she has no money to buy enough litter, she often recycles it, and most of the cats, if they do not go out for some reason to do their business, will go into the recycled litter - not Tufnica! She insists on clean and nothing less.

I am trying to write about funny, light things tonight, because, I do not want to bore you with sad things all the time. My friend Iva will go there soon and give Danica personally cashed donations...

Here again, I want to thank all the people who offered money, nice words, support: it means a whole universe to Danica!!! I think that my friend Iva, who is going to Serbia on the 6th, will take more money to Danica then I could ever send her in a month! I am hoping that she will be able to pay all the vet's bills and give a man Viktor money when he goes to Hungary, to bring her a lot of cat food and some medicine ( it is much cheaper in Hungary).

I am enclosing two pictures of T.S. (when she was just found, and today), and some shelter pictures. Some of the residents that are on these pictures are not there any more...some were killed, some just disappeared...I wish I could tell you that they are not there any more because they were adopted, but that is not the case.

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