Friday, January 11, 2008

The new one woke up

I am posting some pictures of the new cat, that Danica brought to the shelter from that small colony she found and started feeding not long ago. The new was pregnant, and was operated on. She is doing fine, although still pretty dizzy, I guess. She does not really know what had happened to her, but - the cage is big and clean, the food is nice, there is water and silence, and it is warm.
(she is the tabby one in the cage, and just after she woke up after the surgery)

Here are also a couple of pictures of where the stray colony is. Very sad, but there is nothing else Danica can do, except give them food.

It is still very cold and windy.

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Anonymous said...

$200 on the way via Western Union, tomorrow or Sunday, no question. Please, people, can we rally and save these precious animals? Danica needs our help, break out your fucking checkbook and do the right thing, please!