Thursday, May 29, 2008

The good news is...

...that Danica found Zveka-Bleka,

who she was so worried about! He was stuck in a basement in one of the buildings in the neighborhood, and he was severely dehydrated and scared to death when she found him. (you can see him in Danica's arms, and in the cage being checked by Okac and Gingerello) She brought him into her apartment. Danica says he is way too scared of people to stay outside, with others from the shelter.

New white kitten, Chris, is also a bit of a problem: he hates everyone and hisses, ready to fight, with every single cat! Well, that means she can not let him out of the cage unless she is present, and she could not find a home for him, what she has been trying.

Other pictures show the shelter tenants right after another bath.

Many, many hungry kitty mouths, some sick, some scared, some not easy to socialize... As always, nothings gets easier for Danica.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Zveka-Bleka was found! She looks like she could be Otis' sister!


Anonymous said...

ooops, make that Otis' brother!