Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's Always Room For One More

Even the cutest and most adoptable kitten may be having a hard time finding a home when the kitten season is as bountiful as this one. At a certain time of the year, there’s a flood of homeless cats and kittens that are in need of care, love and a safe place to be. When unwanted kittens are plentiful, I believe that feelings of helplessness and hopelessness fill the hearts of all cat lovers. There are just too few adopters and a lot of kitties in jeopardy; sadly, we cannot save them all but still we can save some. Gala is one of those lucky ones.

She surely wasn’t more than a month old when she was found at the park, in the bushes, all alone. She had probably been born in the house and dumped as soon as she started to eat solid food. Her previous owners must’ve considered themselves to be really empathetic and warm hearted, as they didn’t kick her out while she was still nursing from her mother. At the age of four weeks, Gala wasn’t quite sure how to eat on her own, but it was evidently meant to be someone else’s worry.

A nice lady who found Gala bottle fed her for two days, but she couldn’t keep her since she already had a cat and he was very aggressive towards the new kitten. The little one had to find another home urgently. Luckily for Gala, a friend of mine stepped up and took her into foster care. This calico beauty has been there for a couple of weeks and she’s already doubled in size. She's found some new friends, and has become everyone’s favorite, she is undoubtedly spoiled rotten! I can only imagine what it will be like when she comes here…

The first few months of a kitten’s life set the pace for the future and Gala is obviously starting off on the right paw. While all of the kittens are charming and beautiful, there is something about her that is extra captivating. Her energy is boundless and she looks radiant. Disarmingly cute, she is doing whatever she wants whenever she pleases and seems to enjoy doing it. This little ankle-biting terror is impossible to resist!

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Angela P said...

Gala is so pretty and so lucky to have a home with your sanctuary. She is a cutie pie.