Friday, August 17, 2012

And We Keep Going

It’s been a very busy, trying and nerve wracking three months since the repairs at Felix shelter have started. A lot has been done up until now, but there’s still quite a lot left to finish. Repairing the shelter has cost much more than expected, I guess that all of us had underestimated the scope of the damage to the shelter caused by this last, unusually cold and brutal winter. You can never tell until they start opening things up. However hard it may be, we need to fix everything as quickly as possible before the weather starts to take a turn for the worse.

Construction workers have gathered all of the old roof tiles that could be used again, but there was still not enough, so we have had to purchase more than 500 new ones. As we’re facing a lack of funds, these new roof tiles have been bought with borrowed money. Please, take a look at my project and help us with whatever you can afford to donate!

Gutters are yet to be purchased and a lot more gutter material will ultimately be needed than we first anticipated. The new gutters will be longer than the old ones in order to take water that runs down the slope of the roof away from the yard. The old gutters were constantly flooding the yard and turning the lawn into a swamp. I don’t believe my kitties ever enjoyed wading through the slop and trudging through the thick mud.

The old and completely worn out concrete path between the house and the entrance gate has been removed and the top layer of the ground stripped away to get the whole yard leveled. Steel frames have been set in place already; pouring the concrete is the next step.

In closing, I do have some great news - thanks to the tremendous generosity of a very nice lady who wishes to remain anonymous, we now have enough money to install the new septic tank, thus fixing our sewage problems once and for all! I lack the words to express my gratitude. The sun is beginning to shine on Felix shelter!

Thank you all so very much for your indispensable help! Your support and encouragement help keep us going!

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