Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Unwanted Beauty

Just when I thought I had more than enough cats to take care of, and that no new kitty would melt my heart, I saw Temperance… Another endangered baby, another sad story that pulls on people’s heartstrings. This beautiful, two month old kitten was evidently considered to be too many mouths to feed by her mother’s owners. I guess they regarded her as useless and worthless, not deserving to be loved, or to be given a chance. They just wanted to dispose of her, and they did.

Tempe ended up in the front yard of a girl who was living abroad and only came to town for a brief visit, so the tiny kitten was put for adoption immediately. The clock was ticking, her time was running out and not one person was interested. In spite of her cute little face, she was just one of many kitties looking for a new home. She wasn’t merely a sweet baby; she was a living being, a kitten that should be given the best life possible, including lots of love and attention, good food, the proper veterinary care and a fully committed owner. It must be a local phenomenon – people were drawing hearts under her photos and commenting that they have a kitty that looked exactly like her, without offering any constructive suggestions on a home for this little one. Everyone wished they could help her, but nobody stood up to bat, as usual. Taking in another kitty would mean too many responsibilities, maybe? It’s so much easier to ostensibly love someone else’s pet…

As there were no other options available and the time was short, I had to step up for her. Tempe arrived at her foster home, one she would share with nine other kitties, at the last possible moment. She was very cheerful, lively and playful from the beginning, yet not overly friendly towards the other cats. However, all of them accepted her without any hesitation. Their kindness and tolerance have turned her into a mellow, loving kitty much quicker than expected. She is now as lovable and sweet as they come. Despite everything that she’s been through, Tempe is growing into a happy, confident, well adjusted cat that will be a great addition to my tribe.


Maine Kitties said...

Bless you for taking her in....unfortunately its not a unique phenomena where you are.... its a problem everywhere I think. Everyone ooo's and aaaah's but many times no one can or will step up to help an animal.... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

Angela P said...

Bless this foster family for taking her in with nine other kitties. She is very sweet and very cute, and happy this foster family made room for her...very deserving. Keep up the wonderful work you do!