Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally Safe

Being dumped on the street is certainly one of the most devastating things that can happen in a pet’s life. A once loved and pampered animal loses everything it has known in a heartbeat. Whether the owners are genuinely unable or outright unwilling to keep the pet is irrelevant. The point is that these abandoned and suddenly unwanted pets abruptly find themselves outside all alone, without any warning and with absolutely no idea of what’s going on. They lose their safety, food source and warm homes out of the blue, beyond any cause they can fathom. Right now, I get the impression that people are dumping their cats more than ever before. That’s exactly what happened to unsuspecting Erasmo.

This handsome boy was, at some point, someone’s beloved pet and was heartlessly dumped on the street. It’s no wonder he couldn’t understand – I can’t get the hang of it either. Someone had had him for months or possibly years and all of a sudden they just left him behind, thinking he could fend for himself? Well, he couldn’t. He became confused, frightened and was crying all of the time, seeking out human companionship. Hungry, scared and terribly upset, he was the living image of despair. Plus due to his being black, it made his chances of survival even worse.

It’s widely known that black cats’ lives are at special risk just because of their color. Sadly, there are numerous reports of people being wickedly cruel to ebony coated kitties. Superstitions about black felines persist unabated throughout the modern world, probably due to their mysterious look and dark appearance. Why is it so difficult to understand that a cat of any color is just a cat and therefore not able to influence fortune? But since prejudices are hard to change, it was clear that Erasmo needed to be rescued off the street very quickly. A friend of mine took him into foster care as soon as we heard of his plight. If we had waited, he probably wouldn’t be alive today.

Erasmo has been living at his foster home with nine other kitties for a few months now, he’s gained a lot of weight and seems quite content. He is a wonderful kitty, affectionate, cuddly and sweet as can be. The look in his eyes is sometimes serious and kind of distant, as if he knows and remembers something we don’t, yet his self confidence and self esteem are growing with each passing day. He will be brought to my shelter as soon as possible and I’m sure he’ll shine and flourish here for many years to come. I’ve already taken in many new kitties this summer, but when it comes to saving lives, nothing else matters.

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Maine Kitties said...

You're absolutely right! Saving the lives and improving their quality of life is what truly matters! Bless you for helping!