Monday, August 6, 2012

Heading Towards a Bright Future

Can you imagine how it feels to be born unwanted? How it feels to be hungry, scared and not loved or important to anyone? Motherhood is supposed to be joyful and delightful, but from Alethe’s point of view, it must have been scary and full of worries. This little Mom and her babies’ future definitely looked shaky and uncertain a few weeks ago.

Alethe’s five kittens were born unwanted, to an unwanted Mom, just inside of a pizzeria in Belgrade. She went in seeking any kind of safe shelter she could find to deliver her babies. They were not welcomed with open arms and pampered, just the opposite; they were in danger from the very beginning. Their exhausted and extremely skinny Mother couldn’t possibly take care of them all by herself. She wasn’t even capable of protecting her little ones; she wasn’t defending them at all, but seemed to have been begging people not to harm her babies. Undoubtedly, their start to life was incredibly hard.

This sad little kitty family wasn’t thrown out of the pizzeria immediately. The owner unwillingly agreed to let them stay for a couple of days. He had promised that he wouldn’t kick them out, but his word turned out to be unreliable. He made a reprehensible decision to get rid of the burden and was quickly at the point of taking them to who-knows-where, when they were picked up. They were brought to me the next day.

And that’s how five tiny kittens and their desperate Mom were given a chance to live and a new lease on life. The kittens might have forgotten where they started from up until now, but sweet, brave Alethe will always remember. This valiant little Mom has gained a lot of weight since she arrived at my shelter and she’s thriving, experiencing joy, safety, love and contentment. Her babies are getting bigger and stronger every day; they’re eating, sleeping and playing with each other. All of them are decisive and bold, but each has his or her own distinct personality. Although tiny, they’ve already proven to be real survivors.

The sight of these chubby little creatures running around, satiated, worry free and happy, makes me smile from ear to ear. I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened to them if they hadn't come here. These furballs of joy have their entire lives ahead of them and I’m really glad our paths have crossed. Their cute tiny faces and carefree antics are living proof that miracles do happen sometimes. For Alethe and her family, one miracle was all they needed.


Angela P said...

Sweet family!

Maine Kitties said...

Thank you for saving them!