Friday, July 13, 2007

Today is a very, very special day for Danica, because, I had first comment left , and there is someone who wants to help! I feel so guilty for not having time to do a new post every day. I will try my best, because if there is only one person who comes to this blog to see what is new with Danica's shelter - I must do it!
Danica told me yesterday that her sleep is almost non existing, because, the moment she closes her eyes, she starts having nightmares of the pound people coming and knocking on her door. She heard from some neighbours that they lately have renewed thier visits to the diffrent parts of the city, simply taking cats from the street, basically, to be killed.

Danica gave Majkan away to one of her good friends. Here is his picture, and when I asked her why she picked him, she said that he is currently the only kitten and a very, very friendly one on top of it, so for sure doomed to be easily caught and killed.


Nd said...

you have done well.keep it up

Anonymous said...

People in USA, my name is Frank at I am going to make it my business to help drum up support for the animals of Novi Sad and Danica, their patron saint. Please contact me.

Danica, you cannot imagine how well you have done!