Sunday, May 4, 2008

This two-colored pretty face baby....

..., called Muppet Show, is the latest one in a spring series of spaying/neutering. Some of you might remember her perched on a tree.What a wonderful, strange little face. It is female.
Also, the stripy one is another female, Pukilence, which had been spayed, and the white blue eyed kitten (Danica thinks he is around 5 months old), is under antibiotic treatment for different infections. His name is Chris, for he was found on (Orthodox) Easter Sunday.

Also, Danica called me last night just to say that she finally managed to capture Zlatan (the yellow stripy one with several open wounds). He is going to the vet tomorrow.

The only bad thing with all this is the cost. Fortunately, Diane, one of Danica's precious donors, has just let me know she is sending good donation this month. Good bless Danica's friends and donors!

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Anonymous said...

sometimes these pictures are just too heart-breaking, I am sorry, I wish I could do more to help and it kills me that I cannot.