Monday, April 6, 2009

Just to let everyone know that all the donations that were given within a little bit longer then this past month were sent via Western union and reached Danica. There are two videos: first one to see the food she bought for the kitties with it, after most of the vet bills were paid, and the other one is for you to see how cute Milance is, how he cleans himself like any other kitty, regardless of not having back legies, and then how he get bothered by, I think Zlatan, and they play together!

I am giving you this time just these pieces of good news!

Please, do not forget Danica and her kitties, and thank you all!


button bistro said...

The first cat with all the food kinda looks like Mr. Sashimi =)

I didn’t realize before: Milance is extremely handsome.

Midori said...

What a feast, the picture of all the purchased catfood! I am so glad Danica was able to buy a supply of catfood.

And dear Milance grooming himself. It is a sight to warm the heart! Thank you.

I will not forget the Novi Sad cats and the good kind souls who help them.


Midori and kitties